Qajar Era Health,
Hygiene and Beauty


Dr. Sahar Barjesteh van Waalwijk van Doorn

L.A. Ferydoun Barjesteh van Waalwijk van Doorn, 

& Dr. Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar (Eds.)



132 pp, 24 (h) x 21 (w) cm

ISBN 90-5613-071-4

Year of publication: 2003


This book contains a collection of articles, which, for the first time, give a fairly complete overview of the state of health, hygiene and beauty in the Qajar Era in Iran (1794-1925) to a Western public. The articles deal with the institutional changes in the country and the accompanying transition from traditional to modern medicine. In addition, articles on traditional sports and traditional elements of beauty are incorporated in this publication. This books includes the following chapters: 

Mohammad Reza Tahmasbpour: Photographs on Health and Hygiene in the Qajar Era 

Sahar Barjesteh van Waalwijk van Doorn-Khosrovani & L.A. Ferydoun Barjesteh van Waalwijk van Doorn: An Overview of the State of Health and Hygiene in the Qajar Era

Ali Jalali: Traditional Medicine and Medical Plants in the Qajar Era

Hormoz Ebrahimnejad: An Institutional and Epistemological Study of Medical Modernisation in 19th-Century Iran

Anna Vanzan: Italians’ Perception and Experience of Health and Hygiene in Qajar Iran 

Farzad Nekoogar: Phalvani During the Qajar Dynasty

Fatema Soudavar Farman-Farmaian: Haft Qalem Arayesh in Iranian Lands form Prehistory to the Qajar Period.