An Introduction to
Qajar Era Dress


G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood & L.A. Ferydoun

Barjesteh van Waalwijk van Doorn



56 pp, 24 (h) x 21 (w) cm

ISBN 90-5613-064-1

Year of publication: 2002


This book looks at the basic range of garments worm by men and women in Tehran and similar urban settings in the Qajar period (1794-1925). Numerous illustrations of Qajar Era garments and contemporary photographs show both the appearance of specific items of clothing and how they looked when they were worn. The book has the following chapters: The Qajar Era, Tailors and Seamstresses, Men’s Dress, Women’s Indoor Dress, Women’s Outdoor Dress, Footwear and Personal Beauty.