Dirk Goedhart

(Amsterdam, fl. 1782-1816)

Jan van Millege

(Schoonhoven, 1756-1826)

Two Silver Needlecases

1784 & c. 1790

40 gram

These are two elegantly decorated and unique late 18th-century silver needle cases by master silversmiths Dirk Goedhart (Amsterdam) en Jan van Millege (Schoonhoven). 

The first is a late 18th-century silver needle case by master silversmith Dirk Goedhart, decorated with putti, with a silver screw cap elegantly monogrammed ‘A.W.’ It is stamped with the city hallmark of Amsterdam, which consists of three Saint Andrew’s Crosses. His maker’s mark (a flaming heart) is also present. The flaming heart is a nod to his surname which, after all, literally translates as ‘good heart’. 

The second needlecase, made by master silversmith Jan van Millege, bears the city hallmark of Schoonhoven and the date letter ‘L’ denoting the year 1784. This is of particular interest because 1784 was the year in which Jan van Millege married. The needle case is engraved with volutes and putti and has a more recent screw cap with the family motto ‘Virtute et Labore’ and coat of arms of the aristocratic Bosch van Drakestein family from Utrecht. 


The Bosch family;

The private estate of an Amersfoort silver collector 


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