Buying Art

A warm welcome

Have you browsed our online collection and found an artwork you would like to own? 

You can buy the artwork online by sending us a message. We will professionally pack & ship the artwork to wherever you live in the world. 

By appointment, you can also visit our gallery near Maastricht in the Netherlands. You will get as much time with the artworks as you desire, and are welcome to come back a 2nd or 3rd time before you make your decision.

We provide you with the necessary expertise so that you can buy with confidence. One of our experts will be at hand to answer your questions regarding the art’s quality, condition, art-historical context and provenance (history of ownership).

You are invited to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee as our expert shows you the artworks.
The Ursuline Convent in Eijsden, home to our art collection.

 Our gallery

Our gallery is based in the historic Ursuline Convent of Eijsden, which is owned by the Barjesteh van Waalwijk van Doorn and Khosrovani-Zwart families. This palatial Neo-Renaissance building was designed by Pierre Cuypers (1827-1921), the renowned architect behind the Rijksmuseum and the Amsterdam Central Station. He was assisted in this by his colleagues Johannes Kayser (1842-1917) and Jan Jorna (1854-1927). 

Located opposite the gallery is the birth house of Eugene Dubois (1858-1940), the paleoanthropologist who discovered “Java Man“. A 5-minute walk will take you to the Maas river, where you can sit on a terrace or cross to Belgium by ferry. 

We are particularly busy during TEFAF, so please pre-book your appointment in this period well in advance. 

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